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Kanban Agility is Not About Perfection

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

… It's about delivering value to the customer.

"Kanban Agile practice is not about perfection; it's about delivering value to the customer." Donal Bailey

Kanban Agile is based on delivering value to the customer on time. Visualize the workflow, limit work in progress, articulate process policies, implement feedback loops, and make small, incremental improvements using Kanban Agile practice.

In Kanban Agile, perfection is not the ultimate goal; rather, the focus is on delivering value as soon as possible to the customer. Identifying bottlenecks and areas for improvement can be done more quickly by visualizing the workflow. Limiting work in progress ensures that teams do not get bogged down by unfinished tasks. By implementing feedback loops, teams can quickly receive customer feedback and make improvements accordingly.

Agile Kanban practices allow teams to be flexible and responsive to customer needs. To ensure that the customer gets value, teams should be able to adapt and change as needed rather than following a rigid plan. The Kanban Agile method distinguishes itself from other Agile methods by focusing on this aspect.

As a Kanban Agile practice, it presents workflows as visual representations, limits work in progress, implements feedback loops, and makes small improvements over time to deliver value to the customer.


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