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How Agile Teams Can Keep Commitments

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

"Agile is not about meeting deadlines; it's about exceeding expectations." Donal Bailey

A key principle of Agile methodologies is meeting the customer's needs and expectations rather than simply meeting a deadline.

To meet customers' needs, agile teams work within agreed deadlines to produce quality, tested, and valuable products. The focus of agile is not solely on meeting committed deadlines but on the value of quality. Agile methodologies aim to predictably deliver value to customers and exceed their expectations. Using an agile methodology, a team strives to meet its commitments to customers by a certain deadline and then exceed their expectations.

Agile teams use methodologies to break work into small chunks of value, making it easier to commit to customers. When unforeseen challenges arise, Agile methodologies allow teams to pivot and adjust their plans quickly to continue delivering value to customers. Teams work together on an agreed weekly or biweekly schedule to ensure that the customer's needs are met.

Software development companies can use Agile methodologies to create new products. By regularly gathering feedback and incorporating it into the development process, team members prioritize delivering value to customers rather than simply meeting deadlines. Agile teams can provide excellent products to their customers by incorporating regular customer feedback.

In another sector, healthcare organizations use Agile methodologies to improve patient care. By implementing small, incremental changes to their processes, the team focuses on delivering value to their patients. To determine what works well and what needs improvement, they gather feedback from patients and staff. Delivering value to patients instead of just meeting deadlines can help the organization exceed expectations and improve patient satisfaction.

Rather than simply meeting deadlines, Agile delivers value and quality in these examples. Agile teams aim to deliver value quickly while remaining flexible and adaptable while prioritizing the customer's needs and expectations. They utilize agile methodologies to prioritize customer needs and expectations.


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